Diva Musing: Is It Just Me????

What, this time of year, causes people to loose all their sense and good manners?  I was leaving the local “Super Store”parking lot yesterday going in the direction of the arrow and no less than four idiots came at me head on in the wrong direction. The slant of the cars in the lane are a direct give away, idiot, even if you don’t look at arrows.  I was about 12 parking spaces from the end of the aisle.  

I was so pissed and could not back up an entire lane.  I put my car in park and began to read my just purchased magazine.  I had nowhere to go.  Horns were honking, gestures were being thrown about with flourish and harsh words…. I just kept reading with one hand on my pepper spray.  I’d have stayed there all day if necessary, I had chocolate.  All four cars had to back up and go to a proper lane.  I mean seriously people, how do these morons get a drivers license?  I’m sure not one even had insurance.  

I have a rule…I never go into a shopping arena from the day after Thanksgiving through January.  This was an emergency or I wouldn’t have been there.  I was immediately reminded why I made the rule in the first place!

Be safe this Holiday Season, My Divas, and please, please don’t be one of the idiots….you’re better than that!  Namaste, The Queen Cronista



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