Diva Musing: Tis the Season…

The Cronista is an observer of people and patterns.  I’ve spent half of my adult life in airports and on planes.  It allows one to do both regularly.  This week I spent two days assisting a group of young people preparing and serving a meal to their entire class and teaching staff.  We fed about 100 people.  Not one young person thanked me/us for our patience, guidance or service.  All but two abandoned me to do the clean up alone.

I get concerned that our youth are not being taught respect and good manners at home.  I’m the first to admit I’m not perfect.  However, when my children were young, parents use to tell me all the time how thoughtful and well mannered they were at their homes.  Waiters and waitresses would even comment, in fine dining  restaurants, at how nice it was to serve such well mannered youngsters.  

We look at our strife ridden planet and wonder why all this chaos is happening.  I’m a firm believer that most of it begins at home…or lack of a good home life.  So many have abandoned our young to TV and Media Blogs….I promise they are not looking up “Miss Manners” when left to their own devices.  Help our world, teach our children manners and respect.  If we don’t, we’ve only ourselves to blame when we self destruct.  

Namaste, The Queen Cronista


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