Diva Musing: Mean People…Is It Just Me…

When People Do Bad Things to Me.

-If they do bad things against you, what can you do?

Tell them they don’t get to vote and what they think of you, is none of your business anyway. Remember, you are the Diva, off with their heads.

-If you son’t accept bad people what other option do you have?

It’s your kingdom, ban them from your presence and the rest of the kingdom will eventually ostracize their sorry asses too. If they persist and trespass on you “aura” again…Off with their heads!

-If you don’t accept them should you be upset? Certainly not!

So for your own sake, accept people and the situation as they are, so that your mind becomes calm. Then you do what you want to do. Only you get to vote in your kingdom. You are the true wisdom of your own soul. Don’t let the bad guys rent space in your psyche, it will poison your soul. Seek the like minded, surround yourself with supportive (but non sycophant)souls. If the others press to intrude…Off with their heads!!!!

This reality check is brought to you by the Cronistas. It will save you thousands in therapy fees. We love and support our Divas and all of the uniqueness that makes our world a better place. Thank You.

Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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