Diva Rambling: #The Blame Game….


There is a school of thought that says it takes 21 days to make or break a habit! You can program your personal hard drive (i.e. the brain) to do anything you set your mind to. We can actually practice happiness, joy, laughter/humor. The human psyche is programmed to seek joy over pain at all times (serious traumas physical or mental can short circuit this, of course). But, generally speaking, we can still work on creating a daily habit of our own making. Why not choose joy and gratitude?

Our job then becomes detoxing our social life. Getting rid of the waste. Visualize giant bags of trash marked labeled with signs like: Fake Family, Fake Friends, Bad Habits, Toxic Everybody and Everything, Bitterness, EX-toxic everything. Take it to the city dump and throw it away. Now, make sure you use the Feng Shui philosophy… don’t let anymore, of any of it, into your house or “aura”. You can do this!

Do you remember when your parents constantly blamed you for everything and you just quit listening, stopped caring. If you had that kind of parent (a psyche terrorist), you ignored more and more because the game never changed. So you can do with ALL the baggage you need to dump. When anyone starts this negative behavior and continues it, you can walk away never to return. It is your right to love yourself enough to do so.

I saw this great expression somewhere the other day; do not start (ETERNALIZING giving them power forever) any situation. How stupid a move is allowing bullying from anyone, mental or physical. I realize there are those out there who do not have the chutzpah to press back and defend your turf. I was blessed with the ability to kick ass and take names from the time I was 8 years old. So I sympathize with those who have not yet learned this great Diva tool for survival. I think being raised in the hills of Appalachia helped. But, again, like any habit learn to use this tool in a strong woman, diva way.And in 21 days you’ll have a new, good habit in your tool box to thwart the bad, toxic, dust bunnies in your life.

Everybody has a right to be a little imperfect (Jesus was the only perfect person who ever lived). Accept others’ imperfections and your own imperfections. Failure to accept peoples’ imperfections will only make you angry. This can make you feel guilty and then you become angry at yourself. Choose differently.

Love yourself and any imperfection you feel you may possess. Keep a little space in life for quirks and foibles. “Dump the Junk, do not get stuck with yours or anyone else past. Forgive and forget. Enough platitudes lets move on… and lets get stuck in some serious joy, laughter and gratitude. Love You, Divas.

Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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