Diva Musing: I Worry That I’m Boring….

I Worry That I’m Boring….

Hello, you are a Diva! A unique individual that the Universe placed here to delight and astound the world with your specialness. No one, ever, has had your exact genetic make-up. No-one ever will again. Your are as snowflake, beautiful and rare. What were you thinking? Hell to the NO! Stop that.

Don’t worry what people think about you. Brand yourself with your uniqueness and people will love you. Have a plan and march ahead. If you have to dance alone then dance alone and achieve what you want to achieve in life. Then everyone will come along. If they don’t who needs them? The population count is so huge in all walks of life there is at least one kindred spirit for each of us; usually several. Those who don’t understand our dance; oh well, it sucks to be them! And as the ruling Diva of your Universe you can always…”Off with their heads” (Metaphorically speaking)!

Do not think you are boring because you don’t speak football, jock lingo, the price of commodities, or the state of the economy or fake news. Those are the things that bore the hell out of me personally. When people do that I walk away and find a kindred spirit. There is one in every crowd. When I listen to those others I hear the cartoon teacher on Charlie Brown, if you never seen the cartoons Charlie and the class only hear her voice as…”wa, wa, wa, wa”…

Even when I was in high school, I was brave enough to acknowledge what crap was crap and make my own fun. My mother use to bemoan the fact that I wasn’t like the other girls. My retort was always…”What’s Your Point”! In fact parents no one is ever line anyone else. There are only sad wannabes, who will never live up to their own expectations. Don’t be that.

As a brilliant friend of mine said to me this week(When verbally assaulted by a vegan in a restaurant)…”Each person has a right to make their own personal choices and live their own life, including vegans. Disrespect and obnoxious bigotry are not okay. Those of us on the side of silent civility and mutual respect may NOT choose to be silent much longer.” He sat silent as he noted the incensed vegan’s companion was wearing Jimmy Choo Shoes!

Pick your dance, pick your music, pick your friends…hell pick your nose if you choose (although that is not very Queenly, if I may say so). Bottom line, you have gifts and they are to be shared with the world and those intelligent enough to recognize them. Maintain a peaceful coexistence by constructing your world on your terms. We can exist without judging ourselves or others. Nor by intentionally harming others. You are not boring.


The Queen of the Cosmos

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