Diva Musing: Use What You’ve Got…

Use What You’ve Got…

I was standing in line for coffee the other day and that know-it-all person who thinks they have to entertain everyone was spewing off incessantly. He began to explain what a “widget” was to a cute young woman between us. She kinda looked quizzical as if who cares. I turned to the person (I knew him by the way), and said why are you explaining something everybody knows? He asked her and she said no, smiling now. He retorted see everyone does not know. I said…”she’s not everybody, she’s somebody!!! She smiled from ear to ear. He shut up!

It’s easy to lift up somebody in your day; every day. It makes us feel good too. We may not have a million dollars to donate to philanthropy but we do have a the words to put a million dollar smile on somebody’s face. Use the resources you do have to make it a better world. One person at a time if you must.

Namaste, the Queen Cronista


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