Diva Ranting: Make the Adventure Happen…

Make the Adventures Happen…

I was having my usual conversation with the Universe the other day and chatting about all the adventures s/he granted me over the years. We were discussing the adventures yet to come. My The Universe reminded me that my choices are still unlimited. I did ask how much fun I was allowed to have without repercussion (a/k/a bad Karma).

We laughed heartily as it always depends on me. My thoughts create the picture in which I live. God created an unlimited Universe for each of us in which to appreciate and dwell.

Our daily thoughts, intention and the silver thread that connects us all are factors. Our contribution, if pure, joyful and grateful, keep us on the TO DO list for our abundant Universe to reward us. It’s that simple. Be joyful and grateful every moment that you can and watch the magic happen, My Divas.

Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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