Diva Musing: Just a Reminder…

Inner Glow

How do you think the Universe would speak to you today? Well, I tell you this…it only wants the very best for each of us. However, it is ultimately up to our daily thoughts, to allow the best to happen. The loving Universe would tell you that you are a special vibration of light. You are the only being that has ever vibrated at this frequency in all of eternity.

Every human benefits from your vibration when you turn it on high beam. That is when your true essence shines through. Your healing touch, your kindness and generosity, your powerful spirit, are all giving to your world when you turn on the full frequency that is you and only you.

The music of the spheres is drawn to you and even angels love to be near you. Know this, vibrate this, and your world will change wonderfully each new day.

The Queen of the Cosmos

Namaste the Queen Cronista

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