Diva Musing: Power of Words…


The person who said…”sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” Was so far off track they were headed straight to a life of disappointment. The internal hard drive given to you by the Universe is programmed, in some way, by everything we say and everything we believe.

Words impact our stream of subconscious in ways it’s hard to calculate. Let’s imagine for a moment that we are having a conversation with the all knowing source of existence. You are stressed because you uttered something to someone and wish you hadn’t. You only have to think with sincere intention “Forgive me, I’m sorry.” The stream of actualization responds immediately and begins the healing of both souls.

Open your eyes to acknowledge a gift, a kindness, or something beautiful in your world. Think with grateful intention and say… “Thank You.” Your Genie in the bottle responds with jubilation and begins to grant your wishes with glee!

Love is all around you.” Some days we don’t feel it, but is is always there. Our adoring Universe

wants the best of the totally abundant Universe for each of us. Our share is there. Love is one of the keys to accessing our share. In this world of chaos it is often hard to access the well spring of our love toward our world. Start by taking three deep cleansing breaths. Breathe in love…all the way down to your root chakra. Breathe out anxiety and hatred until your lungs are empty. Do this three times and then access your love trigger. It is different for each of us. Mine are things like thinking of silly things or creatively brilliant things, my grandsons do. Sometimes I think of the wild things my dogs do to entertain me, even a gift from a friend long gone will make me feel the love and gratitude I can put out into the world. Find your gratitude triggers and use them often. Remember, it all programs your spiritual hard drive.

Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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