Diva Musing: Good Works….

I am pleased to be directing this wonderful project by a group of our future’s best and brightest.  They have written, produced a phenomenal event for all who attend.  They have also created the Dinner Menu and Recipes.   Recipes will be posted later.  The Crones applaud our youth of today. They are our tomorrows.


You are cordially invited to a Murder Mystery Dinner Theater at Oakstone Castle, Scotland. To be held in the fellowship hall of Binghamtown Baptist Church. The entire event is produced and sponsored as a fundraiser by the Senior Class of 2018. All proceeds go to Gateway Christian School.

WHEN: Saturday, April 21, 2018, from 6:30 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. (Save the Date)

WHERE: Oakstone Castle Grand Dining Hall (A/K/A Binghamtown Fellowship Hall/back lower level);

1000 N 25th St. Middlesboro, KY. 40965.

WHAT: A 4-course dinner with fun and entertainment in the form of a Murder Mystery Theater. This entire event was developed and created by the 2018 senior class of Gateway Christian High School. Former graduates of Gateway assisted as well. All actors are students of the high school.

You will be challenged to solve the who and how of the Mysterious Death of Miles McFarlane the Lord of the Castle. The person\s to solve the mystery will be eligible for the grand prize drawing. There will also be door prizes, and a silent auction as well. Bring your problem-solving skills, and your purses and be prepared to enjoy a night of rare fun and excitement. Seating is limited so insure your seat and buy your tickets now.


$30.00 Adult

(includes admission and 4 course dinner)


No ONE will be allowed entry without a ticket

Do not miss this rare opportunity to support a good cause and have a grand evening of entertainment, good food, and great fun.

Please Call the High School for Reservations 714-235-6591 or 606.670.0870 and leave a message.

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