Diva Musing: What’s your Jazz….

What’s your jazz (a/k/a passion)?

I am the Queen Cronista (indicating some age and wisdom; hopefully). I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up!!! I retired at 62 (after 42 years with Fortune 500 organizations) and became VP of Operations and Media for a Non-Profit Organization. I now manage and office, do payroll, design and maintain a websites, do daily blogs, teach high schoolers and volunteer for about 4 different ministries.

I took on a job as CFO of another non-profit last year and am trying to get a factory in our land-locked,depressed area of Appalachia to provide 750 jobs to needy families who want to work. None of these things had I done before I retired. Doesn’t sound very retired does it?

However, helping others has become my retirement dream come true. My passion is to put my type A personality to good use with all the experience my career gave me. Once I got out of corporate America I learned to choose my bliss more carefully and to set my priorities where I’d always wanted to. So you see…you don’t need to know what you want to be when you grow up. The Universe has a way of training you for what your ultimate passion will be….at sometime in the future. This knowledge should lend to a certain sense of peace. It gives you freedom and independence. It may require a tweaking of the paths direction, but it is still a more peaceful existence.

There is an action plan I use. Use mine or make your own. It’s all up to you.

  • Focus: learn to define you think you want in this snapshot of time; now
  • Picture it as yours, all the time.
  • Visualize it with passion and deliberateness
  • Do not let negative people limit your beliefs, they will try!
  • Stay away from negative influences. Surround yourself with those who support you
  • The Universe has your ultimate best in mind always…Listen to that voice inside for direction
  • Then TAKE ACTION!!! The Universe only helps those who want to help themselves
  • Do not work on crafting a career. Craft a “LIFE” joyfully lived!

There that’s not so hard. All it takes if daily focus and determination. We’ve got your backs. The Cronistas love you and send good vibration to all who are in our viewing distance. You’ve got this!


The Queen Cronistas

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