Diva Musing: A Life Fulfilled…

A Life Fulfilled

At one point in my life I finally matured enough to notice that the Universe/Source Power had given me anything I wanted or needed (only if it was for the greater good). But I also noticed that it was only if I had been wanting it with a passion and believing it was mine in the first place. “Belief” is a wonderful catalyst for creating anything and everything, everyday. A few keys to manifesting all that the Source Power wants you to have are as follows…

  • Define what you want, even if you don’t know what your life passion is…

  • Act “as if” you’ve already achieved it ( see it, feel it, taste it) like you have it now

  • Break through all limiting beliefs and ignore others who have them

  • Take action in specific directions toward your dream while preserving all options

  • Think beyond “a jobto creating a life that’s in alignment with your passions and the Universe

  • Don’t Hope….”Know” for those with the knowing are the most blessed

The One Source Power/Universe created us with the “Knowing” that it helps those who help themselves. The Universe acts in co-creation to manifest your thoughts. You must

guard what those thoughts are at all times.

You can do this, we can all do it! How? with meditation, concentration, focus, pure thoughts and passion. Know that you are loved and all else will follow. Happy Live Fulfilled my, Divas.

Namaste, the Queen Cronista

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