Diva Ranting still….Hobgoblins to Productivity…

Hobgoblins to Productivity…

Yesterday we spoke of Bad Management. Today let’s expand our thoughts to another hobgoblin of industry and organizational development. Inconsistency!!!!!! I use to end up in charge of every large national corporate initiative in my companies. Tight deadlines, no resources and still had to manage my department along with the extra pressure. NO Breaks! None of that was a problem for me. I recruited the right people to have my back and turned them loose….Project Done!

The problem was we would train, implement and provide the resources to make it work and the managers who refused to let their egos be told what to do would blindside everything. Even threaten employees with no raises if they did as new corporate mandates required. It was these dinosaurs that created inconsistencies that brought their team down. Their refusal to come into the new world of technology and training. One manager even told his team he would fire any one who even turned on a computer! Lovely, gent that one. His turnover was 150 percent annually and never once did his teams succeed. Still he never got it. EGO is another word for “Edging Good Out”.

I eventually saw to it these people were demoted or fired after office audits. However, it did not prevent us from loosing those good employees who bailed to get away from the inconsistencies created by the EGO-maniacs Dinosaurs. That was the true loss. If a company put out an initiative and its management teams do not support it, the inconsistencies have long reaching disasters. Cause and Effect. Those mistakes will show up on someone else watch. This will create a whole new plethora of disaster to deal with in the long haul.

Recognize this early. Learn to work around these egos and their stupidity. It can be done. Remember, its easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission. Be the force that has Heart and creates consistency for your teams. They will love you for it. I promise.

P.S.  This goes for your children as well….

Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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