Diva Tasting: Spring Clean Your Frig….

My beautiful daughter-in-law has her degrees in nutrition from a top university.  The doctor told me to loose weight and get healthy again. Jenni was my first stop.  I asked her to send me a list to make my refrigerator look like hers and a few tips to get us started.  I hope this will help.  She is our official nutrition consultant so if you have any questions let me know.  

Jenni’s Pantry/Frig

Grocery list:
Green leafy veggies for kale chips and salads
Baby carrots
Green apples
Natural peanut butter
High fiber cereal you can eat dry
Oatmeal made with water
Almonds or mixed nuts for snacks
Lean meat chicken or beef. No processed meat 
No dairy and this should help the blood pressure
Make sure not to add salt to your food
Pink Himalayan salt is ok

I plan my dinner around a veggie and then add the rest. 
We’re there any specific recipes that you wanted that I haven given you yet?
Also my favorite website right now for yummy recipes is www.CarlsbadCravings.com  

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