Diva Musing: The Knowing part 2

The Knowing part 2

We are Not the student….! Yes, I mean you. We are in a Universal Awakening of Mankind. Humankind has always sought awakening throughout all time. They seek what I refer to as the knowing. A thing that is build into each of us at birth, but we loose by being traditionally schooled in logic and science. Don’t get me wrong. I love both. However, unfortunately my Queenly observation has been sadly, however, the serious left is a bit of a nudge. The right brainers that strong, creative right brainers can be very ambi-brainous! That means they are comfortable creating from both sides of their brains. The creativity word is their friend and science and nature in all of their glory are not alien to a happy, creative, right brain individual.

Now more than ever true teachers of enlightenment are popping up all over the world. We are small in numbers but so comfortable with truth, healing energies, spiritual knowing, cosmic compensations for our good works, and even death. We are mighty, we are strong, we are courageous and compassionate. We are teachers, not students. Let your light shine and vibrate to its fullest potential. Live in the knowing. Those who do are so much less stressed and riding in the stream of consciousness without even needing to paddle. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Don’t you just love it?

Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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