Diva Ranting: Please Stop….

Yesterday I was having coffee at one of the watering holes.  A man came in to get  a sandwich and he was wearing a short jacket and bright yellow leggings with nothing else on .  I mean really!!! I almost threw up in my mouth. PLEASE STOP ALREADY…

He was obviously a weight lifter.  Looked like a refugee from an old Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie.  I wanted to say ….” When I want to see your battery pack I’ll ask ….”  Seriously?  Then, as to be expected, he went and got into one of my two top picks of a Penis Mobile…(a car a man buys to make up for his obvious inadequacies in all areas!).  That would be a Corvette or a Porsche (Black), usually.  He was a Vet man.  Third on the list is the jacked up pick up truck with a killer bar on the front and doolie bed. Usually these guys are so short they need a step stool to get up on the runners.  I’m old I’ve observed these behaviors over time and space.  Trust me. 

Warning from the Cronista..Divas, stay as far away from one of these as possible.  I may have to hunt you down and waterboard you for stupidity if you latch onto one of these. Don’t date them, don’t talk to them, don’t be an enabler to their megalomaniac, narcissistic tendencies.  Find a nice guy who just works out and loves to look at you, not himself all day.  END OF RANT.

Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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