Diva Musing: When You Can Walk on Water Take the Boat….


Many years ago I had to do several weeks of training in Hawaii. I took lots of books but ran out. I called my crew at the training center and said send me about 5 more books. They did, one of those was the book listed below…“When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat”. Little did they know that that book would launch my journey into self discovery and enlightenment of my spirit. Psychologists will tell us that the human psyche seeks joy over pain 1000 to 1. The discovery of one’s true spiritual path is one of the best tools to keep the psyche tuning into the proper vibration at all times. This little book is a good read weather you are a master or student.

We must learn the path to truth, love, and forgiveness in many ways. These are the tools to help guide and keep us on track. They are the 3 most powerful tools in the human collective. They cannot be used enough. Focus on these aspects each day, meditate and hold the right vibration and ignore:

  • Anything that keeps us from our one source power.
  • Anything that keeps us from recognizing The Universe’s perfect plan in our lives.
  • Anything that keep us from being the kind, truthful, loving, forgiving spirit souls that we are.
  • Anything that keeps us from being in the constant state of good Karma and the Graces of the One Source Power.

We do not need the approval of the world, our families or even the universal collective. We need to strive to avoid too much worldly influences (many of which are such a very low vibration). We do not need to constantly seek entertainment (this often leads to sensory overload). We do not need to seek power. If our vibration is in compliance with the path the Universe has set for us we have extraordinary power already (The proper kind of power). We do not need to constantly seek wealth. For every light worker knows that wealth is even in the air we breathe if we believe. Wealth is in Nature, The entire galaxy, and at our disposal always. We do not need to seek bodily perfection. We are all perfect specimens vibrating at this moment in the sea of form created by our daily thoughts (basic physics…form follows thought). We can all do better with this one!!

It is your choice each and every day, walk the path the Universe has carefully constructed for you or fall prey to low vibrational thoughts that will guarantee your struggles in life remain a daily part of your world. If you are feeling discontentment, study your thoughts and actions. Your thoughts and low vibrations from times gone by are killing your Joy today. Focus, meditate, think in high vibrational thoughts patterns.

Namaste, The Queen Cronista

If you wish to read the book mentioned…..

“When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat” is a triumphant journey of self discovery that will change the very way you look at the world. Like most of us, John was an ordinary man who calmly accepted the problems of his life and career without any real hope or insight. Then a miracle happened. He met a strange, wise businessman named Gideon. It was a brief encounter, filled with mystery. But for John, it was the beginning of a soul-searching journey, a joyous awakening of self-understanding, inner truth and the power of universal love that lives within us all. It is a journey you can share too.

by John Harricharan

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