Diva Missive: Promenade Queen….

Season Poems

This illustrated summer season poem, from my “Picturing The Seasons” collection, is full of figurative language, including imagery, hyperbole and metaphors.

Summer is here! The Promenade Queen,
Displaying her gown with delight;
Adorning her beautiful colours of joy,
She dances long into the night.

Welcome Your Majesty, please lead the way.
Thank you for sharing your lovely display.

She wears, as her crown, the brightest jewel.
It sparkles without limitations:
Holding it high, a family heirloom
Handed down through generations.

Welcome Your Majesty, thank you for sharing
The warmth from the dazzling crown that you’re wearing.

The chorus of harmonies up in the trees
Accompanies Queen Summer’s dance.
The flowers join in with a royal curtsy,
Adding a touch of romance.

Thanks for your company, Queen of Pure Bliss;
For knighting the world with such beauty as this.

From the “Picturing the Seasons” Collection

This is one of a series of 5 seasons poems (one is a summary of the year) which has fantastic educational potential when studying figurative language, as each one is an example of imagery, alliteration, personification and metaphor poetry and each is illustrated to show exactly the image that I had in mind when I personified each season.


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