Diva Ranting: No, It Is NOT You…

There is the famous quote: “There is none so blind as she/he who will not see…”  If you know someone like this you know a narcissist.  They are one of the most malignant forces on our planet.  They are the cause of mental abuse and violence against others universally.  This article was inspired by a blog I recently received from a friend, and I give it to you to  console, lighten, and uplift hearts that are subjugated to one or more of these people.  They hide in our schools, churches, in our families and especially in our political realms globally.  Do not beat yourself up is you are dealing with this.  Love yourself enough to gather the strength to rid yourself of them in your life.  I call them “psychic sponges” because their dominance, drama or whatever they hide it under is serious and malignant to you.  I share this because I have a friend going through this now and they deserve better, as do you.  

Namaste, The Queen Cronista

Narcissistic Abuse and Anxiety Disorders…General Review…

In this chaotic world anxiety disorders now show roots back in the earliest of human existence. Humans need it to survive in the volatile world in which they live. Anxiety is considered an inexplicable feeling of unease, nervousness and worry. It is true that we have evolved past the mores of our ancestors. So, what makes it happen in our modern world?

Some say it connects and is due to psychological and emotional abuse during ones childhood.. It has been found that early-life stress has a profound effect on the CNS (central nervous system) and that it reoccurs in adults in later life.

All venues agree that abuse, on any level at a young age, leaves deep psychological scars on the victims mental health. It may cause PTSD, anxiety, super-sensitivity and stress in the neuro stress response systems. These abuses may result in a distinct possibility of serious disorders such as anxiety and major depression occurrences.

Some studies suggest that narcissistic abuse is one of the most harmful types of psychological abuse that exists. It tends to leave the victim unable to think and reason clearly. These increased stressors eventually leads to adrenal fatigue. The ultimate outcome for some will be anxiety disorders, major depression and often both. This will increase the susceptibility to the narcissistic abuser and ones own inability to escape it.

Often the abused and the abuser feed off of each others enabling behaviors and the victim never realizes it. These malignant narcissists victims are the ones who are loving, gentle, empathetic humans who choose to see only the good in others including the abusive narcissist. This, then, makes the victim a good and willing target for the narcissists malignant, manipulative behaviors. The victim becomes nothing more than prey caught in a vat of narcissistic goo. Malignant narcissist love to pull the victim into the darkness with them and hold them there indefinitely.

Narcissists will leach every last drop of resistant from their prey and reduce them to feeling small and more dependent on these perpetrators. It’s like the old movie “Gas Light” they work on the victims brain and make them think they are loosing their minds. When confronted these malignant personalities will always turn the table back on the victim further lowering their self esteem. Thus they reinforce the old cliché …”A lie told a thousand times becomes truth”…This strategy of the malignanteventually leads to the victims to social avoidance, feelings of total disassociation, fatigue and complete physical and mental disability.

Sadly victims do not understand that the malignant narcissist has intentionally left them unable to fight, trapped in a vicious cycle of abuse they cannot extricate themselves from nor any longer deal with society.

Much of the research agrees that this type of abuse is far worse than even physical abuse. It leaves the abused victims unable to deal with life or to even recognize why. If you know such victims, encourage them to seek help from a mental health therapist. Let them know you see it and it is NOT their fault.

If you are a victim of such abuse KNOW that you are NOT at fault. You never have been. If you keep seeking the light of compassion and empathy you will eventually rise above. If you need help then get the professional help you deserve. Don’t let the darkness win.

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