Diva Musing: Say What’s On Your Mind…

Say What’s On Your Mind By The Queen of the Cosmos..

For the last 25 years I have been coaching corporate executives and helping them troubleshoot problem departments. Back in the day I worked for the fortune 500 companies. My job interviews were easy because executives that I knew went to new companies and tried to bring me with them. I, however, did not escape the human resource task of interviewing with several people. What I found was that it was always important to say what was on my mind. That way if they hired me I knew they were people I could work for. If I fed them the usual corporate “puke phrases” then I knew that neither of us had an understanding of the other.

Some of them would ask odd questions. For example …what do you feel is your greatest achievement. I would always answer, my children. I’ve raised two good citizens. I have a killer in a comic. Then I’d watch their faces. My daughter is a famous TV show host and my son has served his country in the military for 20 years.
Another question that was sometime asked was…” what is most important to you”. My response to that was always my integrity. And I would tell them if you asked me to do anything that is against my personal integrity I would have to quit. So just don’t hire me in the first place. I would end that by saying that my father is the most respectable man I’ve ever known. I would never do anything to tarnish my upbringing and disappoint him.
Once I was asked…”what I pretend.” I laughed and said not a lot. …one thing I do not have to pretend is that I am Queen. That always got an eyebrow raised.

My interviews with presidents and CEO’s of these companies usually lasted an hour or two. I would find out later that they always told human resources that they hired me within the first three minutes but just stayed and wanted to have fun with my craziness.
I was told by at least three bosses that they didn’t hire me just because of my experience, they hired me because of my crazy sense of humor. They told me they hired me as entertainment!
I went to an executive dinner once and had to get up and give a speech. My boss got up after me and said he didn’t feel it was fair that he should have to get up and speak. He said it was like coming on after the most popular show on television. Which, at that time, I think, was “FRIENDS”.

Another time I had to speak before a large group of trial lawyers and presiding judges in Southern California. The keynote speaker, a prominent judge, had to get up after me. He told the audience it wasn’t fair that he had to speak after me because his speech was going to be so boring and no one would listen after my performance.  My point is not to toot my own horn, but to encourage you to always be yourself. I’m crazy and unpredictable. However, I am extremely professional and outspoken. People can take me or leave me that includes corporations. My teams have always delivered results as number one in the company and always got the largest bonuses and raises. You can be crazy, be yourself, and still be the professional you want to be. Don’t short change yourself ever.

I’ll tell you about my corporate Easter Egg hunt later!

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