Diva Rambling: The Corporate Easter Egg Hunt…

The Corporate Easter Egg Hunt

Many years ago I was running the largest training department in the country. The management couldn’t understand why everyone loved to spend a week at the home-office training department, in the winter, in New York.
We trained all 5000 employees in America and many from our global offices around the world.
It was my belief that if we wanted people to buy into the training we had to make it fun. I always tried to do that. Learning experiences included role play, dungeon and dragon tasks, scavenger hunts and many other creative experiential learning tools.

We also like to make it fun for the people stuck at home office year round. One spring I bought 50 dozen plastic Easter eggs. The staff and I would sit and fill them with candy and treats during our lunch hours for about two months. In many of the eggs we placed prize tickets telling the finder that they could come to the training center and claim a prize. We had the prizes numbered so when they came they received a gift.

At that time I reported to the company CEO. He came in the morning we hid the eggs and called me to his office. He said I drove into my executive parking space this morning and observed half of the people at home-office out pecking in the lawn like chickens. I even saw a couple fighting for the plastic eggs they picked up. My first thought was it could only be the Queen Of The Cosmos that orchestrated this party. Did I get that right? “Yes, Sir, I replied “. He then stated that I got away with more in corporate America than he’d ever seen anyone get away with. But, he liked it and told me to keep up the good work.

Again, my point is, if you get the urge to do something that’s a specialty of yours; do it. You must have respectful irreverence at all times. You must know your audience and have good instincts. You must especially know your boss. Take a chance! Make peoples days a little brighter. Sometimes the payback is more wonderful than you can imagine.

More about pampers in the board room later… Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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