Diva Musing: Diapers in the Board Room..

I’ve been posting a lot on funny stories from my corporate life….at least funny to me! This one almost got me caught!  I use to work as a home office executive for a fortune 100 company. One year the advertising agency we paid millions came up with another “corporate puke phrase” we had to preach and support.   Let’s call our company ABC.  The term was ” ABC stops leakage in 93″! That was the year many fortune 500 companies were using the same mantra, go figure.  

So in my most respectively irreverent way I played a trick at the annual board of directors meeting.  I got giant plastic eggs, filled them with chocolate candy, put them in preemie disposable diapers, and placed the label on each butt of each diaper  that read    ” ABC stops leakage in 93″!  I then placed one at each seat in the board room before the meeting began.  I figured I’d catch hell, because I knew everyone would guess what crazy person had the nerve to do that.

I was surprised to find they were a hit, and one was sent to the head of our 200 subsidiaries, one of the most politically important executives in the country at the time. I never wanted my name in front of his face, Whoops, too late. Thankfully, he liked it a lot and I got a great bonus at the end of the year. Come to find out he liked mavericks who weren’t afraid to speak up or poke a little fun in an attempt to get results.  

My point, again, find creative ways to get a point across, without having to show everyone you have balls bigger than church bells.  Laughter trumps balls every time. Again use discernment, know your audience and above all be your wonderful self.

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