Diva Musing : Difficult Times…


Do you ever have those difficult times when the government comes after your retired ass for more money… that you don’t have? The car registration is due, drivers license license expired oops! Yudda, Yudda, you know the drill. It always happens at once. You’re tired ass doesn’t care because you are paddling in the storm as hard as you can. My advise ….”let the Universe handle the details!” Float in the storm and don’t fight it. Seek the space below the waves where the water below is not affected by the storm.

I’m in one of those shit storms and all I can do is laugh as new “bad news” comes in the door. If I end up in jail I’ll have free room and board, free internet, probably have a girlfriend or two I sure don’t want, and a uniform that keeps me from having to worry about wardrobe and makeup each day. See there is a bright side to everything.

My point is, that at the worst of times it is only a season. The Universe will handle it as your own Karma dictates. We need to appreciate the calm moments more and always remember there are 3 types of people/situations in our lives….

  1. Those who help us in difficult times

  2. Those who leave us at difficult times

  3. And those who put you in difficult times

These pernicious entities will never be gone. So enjoy the quiet times, the sweet times, the loving times while they last. The memory will help the storm seem less raging.

Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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