Diva Musing: Manifesting Destiny…

Manifesting Destiny…

Law of attraction has had my attention for 12 years, Ever Since Rhonda Byrne wrote the self help book “The Secret“. I’ve watched the movie a many times. It bring me back to focus when I have a bad day. For those that are unfamiliar, the law of attraction is a pseudo-scientific belief that we are all creators of our own reality. It is an understanding that your desires and thoughts create your vibration and continued alignment with that vibration attracts things of like energy to you.

I often speak of the basic physics concept….”Form Follows Thought”…. If you think that you are lacking love, you will attract no one, or worse, someone who is NOT for you. If you are thinking about accomplishing a goal and you and see it accomplished…it will happen. It all sounds a little too “woo-woo”, airy Fairy, right? However, I know that it is entirely true.

Years, ago, regardless of the evidence, I was anxious, frustrated, agitated, and stuck. In my mind, my my life sucked, I was not providing for my loved ones, I thought I was a terrible mom because my job required so much travel, my family didn’t really care about me. I lost my passion and desire for my hobbies. I had no future career path nor any prospects that would make me happy. Even graduating my masters in my 40’s suma cum laud did not stoke the passion again. Life looked bland to me even though observers would tell me how lucky I was. I realized this downward spiral had been a process, and I had not been paying attention. I think we all end up in these valleys sometimes.

How do we find our way back to joy and gratitude? How do we keep moving forward? How do we create a new reality? We must control the battle of the psyche. The dark forces take over, the ego is insatiable and we plummet into a dark abyss. However, your soul knows, your soul cannot be tricked into this garbage. We must learn to listen, and tap in, turn onto that still small voice within that gives us the garbage dumping, dust bunny sweeping, soul rejuvenating data we need. It is always accessible.

Many just jump into the over-entitlement abyss…”I deserve better than this (or I deserve a medications, extra dessert, extra everything bad for me….etc) or some kind of relief”.  In most of these situations, people are unable to see past their own web of deceit. Their thoughts are taking over. Their mind is leading them directly into a deeper abyss. They are trading true happiness, true peace for worldly accouterments. A quick fix will only deplete your energy bank account faster. Putting a band aid on a festering boil will only let it continue to grow.

There is, in fact the simplest of helps. Practice makes perfect… you can change your outcomes with simple practices. Begin by focusing your thoughts, words, and energy on small positive manifestations. Feel it truly happening in the now. Feel it as your truth. i.e. …I now have the money, the people, and the resources to accomplish all good things in my life!” Say it with passion and intention.

You know what they say about excuses don’t you? They’re like rectums, everybody has one and they all stink! Do it now, do it with passion, do it only with positive intention and attention. “Fake it until you make it.” I don’t know who said that but it works. Just keep practicing… and practicing… and practicing some more. One day you will noticed, ask I did, that I was more tuned into my environment and happier. Just keep trying, the result will astound you. You will see more success, desires, and more manifestations all around you. Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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