Diva Rambling: It’s all up to you…

It’s all up to you…

I saw a quote the other day ….”The Universe Responds To Everything You Think and Feel.” Author Unknown. This is completely in line with my rantings about “Form Follows Thought”… a basic physics concept, we, as humans, do not seem to grasp!

Think about it. You are in control of your future every waking and sleeping moment of the day and night. Change your thinking positive or negative and watch the Universe start to unfold those thoughts into your personal reality. WOW! I know, because I have been on the receiving end of “Stinking Thinking” and “Love and Light” thinking my whole life. Trust me the later is much better.

If we get alone, settle down, get quite and find the gap between all the chaos around us we gain better control. It takes effort and practice….like anything worthwhile. The good news is you can begin right now, this instant. Again, its all up to you. Love and Light. Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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