Diva Melting: Southern Humidity….

As usual it’s been a steamy summer in the South.  My make up melts like crazy and I end up looking like a refugee from the band “KISS” by noon.   My clothes are pitted out and my allergies are rabid.  Yet, the beauty that was once a Southern comfort culture, is struggling to stay alive.  

I don’t see families picnicking in the parks as much, I don’t see boys on the ball courts and fields as much.  It is just not politically correct to be sociable any more????? Heck, we don’t even sit at the table and have dinner together at home anymore.  Is it just me or did we all seem to have more time, more laughter, more of the non-tangible joys in yesteryear?  

Now all we have going is text, video games, movies on line, no cruising the mall for good deals…buy that online.  I mean as societies we use to family more.   A few culture still do bu they seem to be mostly in impoverished areas, where family is all they have. I truly think these family cultures have a lot going for them.  The old adage… “it takes a village to raise a child” is now gone from our world.  

Stop take a breath, fix the family a non-nuked meal, play checkers on the table, play go fish or old maid.  Sit for the weekend and keep a monopoly board going or make popcorn and fudge to watch a movie together. It takes a family to make a home.  


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