Diva Musing: Hypocrisy….

“When I wrote on my door: Leave your hypocrisy outside before you come in…Not a soul dared to visit me or open my door. “ Kahlil Gibran

I have been running into lots of this behavior of late.  Just another sign of the time.  One of the reasons I retired and left corporate was the exponential increase in hypocrisy of the environment.  In yesteryear when ethics was still a part of the environment one could walk down the hall and speak to someone who hated them and go on.  When I left the environment it was so vile that you could not walk down the hall without wearing kevlar armor for worry of a knife in the back.

Management now promotes turnover to assure people aren’t around long enough to earn profit sharing, or retirement benefits.  So they created backstabbing as a qualification fro promotion; not new just more obviously supported in the world today.

Sadly this learned behavior now filters out of the organizations and into society at large. It filters into relationships with friends and family as well as business.  Those light workers who are here to improve the planet now have more to work against than at any other time in history. The positive vibrations of light workers, the innocent laughter of children, the unconditional love of pets, is one of the few things keeping the planet from spinning out of orbit.  I am grateful for these light vibrations that help give our world hope. I am grateful for you!

Namaste, The Queen Cronista…


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