Diva Musing: The Great Gardner…

THE GREAT GARDENER of The Universe 6.27.18

Posted on June 26, 2018 by Matt Jury under Samuel Rutherford

The great Master Gardener in his wonderful providence has planted me in this part of his vineyard by his grace, and here I grow and abide till the great Master of the vineyard thinks it fit to transplant me.”

Samuel Rutherford (1600-1661)

I was driving down the street this week in a neighborhood of old homes. As I sat at the stop sign I notice a beautiful site of nature. All of the branches of an old tree had been cut back all the way back to the trunk. Now, in its place beautiful new foliage was growing and the tree was taking on a beautiful new shape. I sat for a moment admiring the new splendor of the tree. I though what a beautiful example of the Source Powers gardening we have. As serendipity would have it I found the quote above today.

We are here to do a job according to Universal Law and while the Source Power may have to completely reshape us several times, like the tree I saw, its’ goal is to set us walking the path intended for us from the beginning. All we have to do is listen to the guidance of the still small voice and we will eventually be shaped in the image the Source Power intended all along.

By increasing our awareness to that still small voice inside (The Spirit) and by constant prayer and meditation we can reach the intended goal for us without too much difficulty. If we do not at least try these two things we are not always going to be on our intended path and the road will be rocky to say the least.

Try to devote at least the first and last hour of each day to gratitude to the Source Power. Pray, meditate, do the good works throughout the day when possible. That will at least get you started. Its like your beginners action plan. Stay with it, it gets easier. And above all see the glory in everything in your world each day. From the pruned tree in the garden to the smile of a child reflecting our story. I wish you joy and an abundance of love on your path. Namaste, The Queen Cronista


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