Diva Musing: a 4th of July…

Can I just say I am a patriot?  I cry during the National Anthem as the Flag unfurls in the breeze.  My hand is on my heart and I stand straight and as tall as I can.  I have a deep respect for our founding fathers and their concept of God and Country (in that order) for our freedoms and rights.  I am not ashamed of my patriotism but I am ashamed of those who live under the mantle of its protection that do NOT respect it. Those who never had to fight for it or ignore the fight a family member may have had so they could enjoy it. 

I love, and pray each day for our military personnel and their families who are often separated from them and endure so much in order for their family members to serve. I honor their daily commitment that allows me to wake up under the current freedoms I never take for granted.  

I love fireworks and I find they sparkle and remind me of the of freedoms that explode each day… in new ideas, concepts, and charity that still engulfs my world because of our freedom.  No nation has ever been as blessed since the Israelites. Honor it, love it, never take it for granted.  We may not always be so blessed as we still are at the present.                                                                                                      Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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