Diva Rambling: Label if you must….

Label if you must….

As humans it seems to be built into our psyche to label, nickname, or profile everyone and everything. Those who say they don’t are lying to you and themselves. The liberal labels the conservatives and vice verse. Our need to label our world may add clarity to our sense of things but be harmful to others.

Using nature as one aspect of that kind of mind control over persons or things let’s think about it. It may affirm our own EGO’s need for control and superiority over a thing. Humanity is slowly destroying major areas of nature. However, mother nature will always get even. She works closely with the Karma Cops to see that we get what we deserve in the end.

The problem often equates back to the old adage “you can’t see the forest for the trees…”There is a lot of empirical difference between seeing the forest, and seeing and individual trees of that same species.

When we use names (aka individual labeling) as a way of sorting and storing information, it can be the basis of forming a more personal ideology of the world around us. Not what humankind is supposed to see as a whole. It becomes our truth; not all of humanities truth.

What we see through our personal filters is not always empirical data. It is the warped representation of a thing through our filters. Therefore, we can be very wrong at times. The EGO after all, is all about being righteous. A Visual reflection of sameness, through one filter, does not always mean, sameness through all filters, or even your own filter on another day.

Kingdom, phylum, genus, species, all labels for things in nature. Yet, how does the individual psyche interpret them? We learn in biology to identify and label certain cells of a plant or animal. However, can we toss a pebble into the center of the pond and see how every single ripple of that disturbance impacts the whole pond and all of nature? Do we look at the worth of the individual species to the Eco system, its value to all it touches in nature? We can only venture to guess through our individual filters of that outcome? We can, however, observe objectively what happens, if we remove EGO from the picture. I always say…Research on any topic depends wholly on whose funding the research. We are presented information through the filters of others of influence on a subject. Just follow the money…Our own experience and experiments may reflect a different set of untainted facts.

My point, labels we give things are not a truth per se, they’re just part of a story we are trying to tell ourselves, through our own filters. The psyche needs an order to things, to make sense of what we see. Always remember, there can be good and bad from labeling, especially if we only run it through our own EGO and filters. Label with intent to face the truth in all things. It’s harder to go wrong and look like an idiot. Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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