Diva Rambling: Listening Skills….

“Never do a battle of wits with an unarmed person….” don’t know who said it but I like it!!  I use to try to explain myself all the time.  It doesn’t work.  Most people these days are only focused on their own agenda in any conversation.  They are listening to respond not to understand your point.   I can count on one hand the people I’ve known in my life who genuinely want to hear what others say.  I am always working on that myself.  I tend to get bored when I’m hearing the story of everyone’s ass aches and woundettes over and over again.  I mean I’m bad on that count; a real witch on a broom, if I’m honest!
But the rare ones, the ones who listen with attention in their eyes and hearts, are so few not everyone knows even a handful.  God even tells us to…”be still and listen”…  I’d like to improve on this a behavior.  However, when I need to get something done, I tend to rush people who want to drone on with pedantic, inane stories and never arrive at a point.  I’m old, I may not live through some of the crap they drone on about.  
I think my flaw does make me a better conversationalist, perhaps.  I know how being on the other end of a sad tale of woe for an hour feels.  I try to be quick and to the point. When I digress, I ask people to point it out to me that I need to focus. I know I have a responsibility not to waste people’s time in daily life.  If I  make a post here… you can skip it if it’s too long or boring.  It’s hard to do in face to face conversations.  
I do love a good story.  I like a persons ability to tell it with joy and relish of the adjectives that make it click. I love war stories from special forces soldiers, I love stories of hilarious grandchildren who make our world wonderful.  I love to hear elders expound on the past with reflection and not negativity.  So, long story short, don’t bore the world with your constant whining of ass aches, dramas that are only drama in your sad life. Don’t drown us with tales of woe is me, my wound is worse than your wound.  Fill the world with wonderful tales of joy, gratefulness, and love.  It helps those of us who are challenged listeners, become better listeners and better people.                                  Namaste, The Queen Cronista   
P. S. I have many friends with PTSD, and real diagnosed psychoses.  These folks deserve a good listener and they are the exceptions. They are not boring they are God’s children, put in our paths to help.  I will get off my broom for them.  

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