Diva Musing: Napping….

Lets Take a Nap

In many lower schools the children have nap time each day. As adults we look at that as frivolous at times. For many of us our minds won’t shut down or we think it’s ourselves indolent to nap. The chaos of the surrounding world also plays havoc on our nap-time. I have attended numerous seminars that tell us that a 20 minute meditation is as good as a one hour nap. However, I have to say now that I’ve learned to nap in my wisdom years, I find it eminently more satisfying.

I’m intentionally napping more because there are distressing things I need to process. I think, for me, I do it better after I come out of a good rem state. The need for rest and relaxation is often given a seat in the back pew of the church. We do not listen to our spirit telling us to be kinder and gentler with ourselves (read any study on sleep deprivation and see what I mean). Not a wonderful outcome in any of it.

Those of us with type A personalities may be destroying our spirit. We ignore the fundamental things the Universe built into our make up to prove to everyone we are wonder persons! We try to prove we are more industrious and productive than everyone else. This is usually at our own expense, in the long run. How wonderful life would be if we would listen to spirit and let our own well-being be a priority in our lives. In fact, …working smarter not harder…, is a decent concept if you include well being in that formula. I think humankind is the worst of the species at accepting the need for a good nap. I think, personally, there would be less madness and chaos in our world if we took napping seriously. 

Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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