Diva Musing: I See….

I SEE…by The Queen of the Cosmos

Even Juicy Old Crones loose the rose rose colored glasses once in awhile. Lately I’ve had to make a marked effort to turn a blind eye to the chaos and humanity thrashing going on all around us. I’ve been practicing doing like the old bible Hymn “How Great Thou Art”. I am attempting to override the negative by standing in awe and wonderment of the things around me.

I live in the mountain country of Appalachia. I see the wonder and amazement of nature, and ecology everyday. I see the wonder-works of the human anatomy. I take a deep breath and realize when I climb steps what an amazing suspension system God has given us (i.e. our human skeletons).

I live in the only town in North America built inside a meteor crater. I can stand on a local lookout and I see the ravaging electrical storm forcing it’s power into the crater bowl. I see that all of the local streams and rivers flow southerly. Only 3 rivers in the world flow northward. I see how great the engineering of everything from a grain of sand to the flow of mighty oceans and rivers.

I see the wonderment in my dogs (God Spelled Backwards!!). Creatures sent to us to be fur family, unconditionally loving, to those of us who have no-one to love or care about us. Pure love in a fur coat. I cannot understand why the world can no longer see the amazing wonder all around us.

I see the face of the dirty homeless person smile with twinkling eye when I speak a warm greeting and look them in the eye. A soul, in hard times, still able to sparkle if treated with love. I see the grumpy wait-staffer smile when you thank them for their good service, not knowing they are pulling a double shifts, just to put food on the family table. I always give a little extra tip for that smile (even though I live on a very limited income).

I see the leaves turning to warn of the oncoming storm. I see the breeze rocking the plants to help distribute the seeds and pollen to help things grow. I see the  leaves fall, drop to signal a new season and to nurture the forest floor with the most amazing compost no factory can recreate.

I see the birth and waning of each star, moon phase, and ocean tide as wonderment. I see the birth of each new season as inspiration that everything is able to renew itself, even me, if we follow the right path. I see you in my heart even though we are not together. I see the silver thread that connects everything in the Universe; one to the other. I try to ignore the chaos and put the love and light to you, that you deserve, even though I see you only in my heart. Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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