Diva Ranting: Taking It Too Far…..

Taking it too far…Monochromatic Beware

As if it isn’t bad enough we have “Fake News”, “Fake History Books”, “Fake Gender”, “Fake Life” we now have to use our discernment on everything. Only a true Diva would realize and understand, this as, I’m sure you already do. However, I’m going to rant anyway.

So, I’m looking for early Christmas presents and birthday presents to work on my holiday budget. I’m online and I see an educationally augmented “reality” based globe for boys and girls. A learning gift for kids that has no borders or names on the globe… Seriously, enough of this shit! NOW, we have to contend with “Fake Geography”. What about the child’s culture? They deserve to be able to find their homeland on a map or globe. They deserve to know the rich culture of their homeland and the struggles their forefathers most assuredly paid to get them to where they are today. Why are we “faking” everything? This is NOT freaking Hollyweird, people! This is NOT some bad sci-fi movie. This is NOT some game you can play with the Universe… to take away all the richness it has given to our heritage; good, bad, or indifferent.

The Universe will most assuredly see that the Karma cops nail the offenders; whoever, and wherever they are. The one world order folks beware. The threads that make up the tapestry of my world, the yellow, black and white, are as special and different as day and night. Their light will continue to shine. Their light will not be quenched by those demanding a dull, monochromatic, monogender, mono-creative, mono-lack of splendor world. Go back to the dark cave from which you came. The brilliance of the light beings of the Universe will continue to shine as they were created. The disruptor will pay for their lack of appreciation and vision to see the Universe as it was created; with a specific plan for each of us, that no person can put asunder.

You lackluster, monochromatic, dweebs beware….The Karma Cops will find you and the Universe will take its revenge. I will watch with satisfaction the Horror Movie you are creating for yourselves.
Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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