Diva Rambling: I Don’t Do Guilt….

All of the sitcoms show the Jewish mother, the Italian mother, the elder grandmother, the mothers and grandmothers of almost every culture as being the dreadful harbingers of guilt to their families. When I was in the rebellious stage of puberty and throughout my teen years, I always told my mother…”I’m your one child who does NOT do guilt… so take it elsewhere.”  She never knew what to do with that.
In my observations, I notice that the human psyche is set to do guilt mostly through culture and societal fears. However, when it comes to guilt feelings we must distinguish between false guilt and true guilt. It is only normal to have feelings of guilt when we do something wrong. Most of us are raised this way. Let us call this… “true guilt”. However, what we must NOT let happen is the feeling of “false guilt” undermine us. This occurs when we are innocent of something yet feel guilty about it. This is possibly because other try to manipulate us or blame us. We will call this is “false guilt”.How do we tell? How do we raise our discernment to delineate the difference?
The major difference between false guilt and true guilt is their respective points of origins. False guilt has at least two possible points of origin: our own psyche; the passive-aggressive demons in our attic… as well as humans in our circle. The evil “the accuser” who relentlessly scourges us. “The Accuser” will bring to mind the most horrible thoughts of our sub-conscious. “The Accuser” will seek to cause us to focus on the negative rather than on forgiving ourselves, learning from our mistakes, letting go and moving on. It is a fitting name, as s/he can and does accuse us to our own minds and consciences.
Then there are those who convince themselves that they’re somehow on permanent leave before the Universe. They think that if they relentlessly perform at a superficial standard—they’ll earn the Universes acceptance and the Karma Cops won’t touch them. These are the lowest of hypocrites. They don’t do guilt because they believe they are so above the rest of us. Usually, they have no conscience, therefore…NO Guilt. The Karma Cops have the most fun with these I surmise.
True guilt, originates from one’s own spirit. The “true guilt” a light- being feels over his/her wrongdoing will be the Universe trying to put our spirit back on track. The Universe cannot allow us to habitually err, so it brings to the conviction of right-doing. The Universe recognizes “guilt,” but knows it is our feelings of “true guilt”. We feel guilty because we are, in fact, guilty. The spirit knows what is right at all times.
The cure for true guilt is not just a commitment to “do better.” It’s impossible to resolve issues of the past by thinking we will do better tomorrow. Getting rid of “true guilt” requires forgiveness of ourselves and others. Once we forgive ourselves and other of the transgressions, the result is a peace unsurpassed. We are back in stride with the Path the Universe made for us.
Having “False guilt” can result in depression, anxiety, and spiritual paralysis. Try to remember you are not the center of the Universe. False guilt happens when one is in an “all about me” frame of mind. It is us worrying about us and not our true light-worker roll in the Universe. Be all that you can be to your world. Don’t do false guilt. Namaste, the Queen Cronista

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