Diva Musing: Global Awareness….

One of the places I now visit each day to have my coffee is our local pastry shop.  The family who runs it is Cambodian.  Mon and Dad who own it, often sit and chat with me.  Today mom and I were chatting about her two little ones, who are addicted to iPad. She showed me pictures of the son at home dancing with daddy.  She says they have to do all sorts of things to distract them and keep them off their electronic “stuff”. 
This is an all too common tale globally, I think.  At least this mom and dad take marked efforts to keep them otherwise occupied, an play as part of a family.  My own son and daughter-in-law are very strict about this rule.  My grandchildren are only allowed about an hour of media time or a good movie a day.  Heaven knows all children these days have enough other toys to get creative with, they just don’t want to.  
Ginn told me that when she goes home to Cambodia she is sad because the children are different nowadays.  She said shes not sure if its pollution in the water etc, or laziness.  I told her I suspect both.  Our children globally are hooked on every kind of bad food and electronics.  Its an addiction for most.  The truly discerning parents, like Ginn, and my son and daughter-in-law , make sure to limit the time spent… so a full spectrum of quality of life is met.  It is often rumored that Albert Einstein said “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” Weather the father of relativity said it or not… it was prophetic. 
We should all be “ROC (Reclaiming Our Children) Star” parents.  Parents in every culture…be aware, be engaged, be there for the young ones around the globe. They are our future.  Put the foot down, turn the media off. Make quality time to look each other in the eye, and find new creative ways to interact each day.  It will be worth it to the world, and certainly to your young ones. 
Namaste, The Queen Cronista


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