Diva Musing: The Little Things…

It’s The Little Things…
I was laying in bed this morning noting how my bed felt like a cloud in heaven. I didn’t want to get up. I found myself thanking the Universe for letting me sleep in and enjoy the luxurious feeling of not having to rush into my morning. I felt so pampered and calm.
I did a long meditation and some deep breathing exercises. Finally I got up. I Rolled into the bathroom to put on the full drag for the day and enjoyed the time it took to put on the war paint and get ready for the day. My dogs, of course, were at my feet rooting me on. I suddenly realized, again, that they are a critical part of my relaxing into the day. Stop and pet the fur babies, it has amazing cathartic powers.
I then turned on the healing music I leave on for my dogs all day. I went to the kitchen to take my daily supplements and drink some water before dressing. I was able to stay stress free because I’d managed to remember to put out my outfit the night before. First miracle of the day.
I finished dressing, gave the pups their morning breakfast snack before telling them I thank the Universe for them everyday and I left. I ended up at one of the morning water holes where I sit in a booth and send my daily uplifting texts to family and friends. I concentrate on sending love and healing light to those I know need an extra dose today. I sip my coffee and finally move toward work.
Today I find the construction crew jack-hammering outside my window for 3 hours. Enough to make you feel like you no longer have the will to live. This repetitive sound for hours is surely used as some form of torture somewhere! I turned on healing music as loud as I could to hear it a bit over the chaos. I began to breathe and work on a project for my grandson as my printer is down and I can’t get a hold of anyone I need to advance the tasks of the week. Oh, did I mention …Mercury is in Retrograde with about six other planets, so the cosmic butt kicking is in full force.
I finally got a hold of a nice customer service person to help me with the book I’m publishing for my Grandsons. Now I’m getting back on track. So I pulled a few of my happy triggers out of the hat to see if I could drown the pounding sounds all about me. I thought about the long lavender bubble bath I took last night. I thought about sitting in the park and smoking cigars with one of my favorite misanthropes last week; the breeze and babbling creek constant and reassuring.
Friends – just spending time with good, intellectual people when nothing much is going on around you. Relaxing into that time with no sense of urgency required. We just sit and talk, or or share beliefs about the cosmos. Thoughts that seed the clouds of imagination and creativity. Taking quality time to be entirely focused with friends and they with me, always feels like a spa for the senses to me.
Generally speaking I’m a “Type A” person. However, as the wisdom of the grandmothers takes over I find I am less about stress and more about what I adore…”The Little Things”! In this …What have you done for me lately… world of over-entitled parasites, we tend to think of success in terms of costly superficial things – like exotic cars, luxury travel and keeping up with the trashy, self proclaimed elite that currently rules the media. When in fact its the little things that are are easily available and life enhancing that really kick it up to the next lever. These things just need a little more recognition and gratitude in our lives. Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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