Diva Ranting: Law of the Universe….

Law of the Universe…
They say that a good social network and getting plenty of hugs each day will make us live longer and healthier lives. I’ve always asked who is the proverbial “they”? Anyway, I agree, but to some extent they need to do the research, I think. Nowadays everything is done by virtual media. Hugs, thinking of you, how are you, happy birthday, get well soon. All of this can be done from a distance, with no personal contact required. We’ve taken the “person” out of personal.
I still love to turn the page of a book. I love getting a card of any kind in the mail (except junk from banks and politicians). I like to see families hugging their children instead of tossing a computer at them to keep them out of the way. We must participate in our civilization in order to keep it healthier and viable. We cannot continually push off the duty to participate in our friends and families lives to schools, police, and social media. Taking patriotism, social ethics, business ethics, prayer, out of the classrooms has led to a generation of vipers. Children with respect of any kind, no appreciation of anything, and worse no conscience. That is why bulling and school shootings are on the rise. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out.
I use to tell my children, you and only you have to live with the consequences of every decision you make. The Karma Cops will always find you. Kids today know today, on a whole, there are no consequences to their actions and a pissy little “time out” is the only punishment. They haven’t even been told the Karma Cops are coming; no matter what.
The demands of the current world are so extreme that it makes us forgetful, unappreciative and mentally drained and unhealthy in general. That is not even factoring in our need for everlasting “stuff” which allows industry to pollute all of nature without any consequences; yet. Both business and governments only have commitment to profits… personal and monetary. Our own greed allows them to get away with it; again cause and effect; consequences!
We no longer possess the unwritten duties to each other we use to have in times gone by. When the poor and hungry break the law they are punished. When the serial killers of the government vote against us and pocket vast amounts of ill gotten gain in their off shore accounts they are rewarded even more (The Karma Cops will come).
The simple fact is… as humans we have always depended on community and civil law to survive. We, all peoples, depend on each other to keep balance in the world. We depend on the people around us to care and not abuse privileges. We depend on farmers, laborers, medical professionals, civil service workers and a plethora of other good people for food, for amenities, for services and healthcare. Nowadays we all too often disregard this fact and think of only ourselves. If we don’t… the ties that bind us together, the link to humanity, will diminish further. If we continue to pass through each day with a lack of gratitude we will reap the reward of our indifference by loosing all that we now depend on. If we don’t see the importance of working together, what we end up with is self-aggrandizement, and reward for evil at extreme cost to the masses.
Don’t get me wrong. I am by no means a passivist. I am in to butt kicking the proven guilty and helping those in real need. But our duty to our world is an unwritten law of the Universe that is being broken all too often in our world. We must each do our part to fulfill our duty no matter what. What can you do today to uphold your duty? Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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