Diva Musing: A Meaningful Life…

A Meaningful Life…

I always wanted my retirement to be a time to “give back” for all the blessings I’ve been given by the Universe. I wanted to be a catalyst for making a difference someplace. How weird that in my golden years I find that my own hometown/county is one of the largest mission fields in the world. We so often want to go elsewhere to third world countries etc. However, I grew up not knowing that I actually lived in one. I think so many who live in this country and even the Appalachian mountains do not know the extreme poverty that overwhelms the seventeen Appalachian states. Over fifty percent of the children in our area do not live with their birth parent.

I am currently blessed to be working with a non-profit to bring an Eco-factory to our village that will be employee owned.. and create at least 750 jobs and another 200 or so in outlying areas of Appalachia for the fuel and resources to run it. For the last three years we have met with noting but barricades from local political machines. We watch as the monies are awarded to the old boys/politicians who have been controlling it for decades. And nothing ever, ever changes.

This year, finally, we are making strides into getting grant resources to the people in D.C. and not to the local, rich political machines that have been, well… self indulgent with resources for decades here. Our city and county debt stand in affirmation to the facts.

You cannot imagine how difficult is is to “get to” the people who matter and actually give the grants. The emails, the politics, the just down right crap one must endure if one truly wants to help under-privileged communities. It’s like selling your soul to the devil if you play their game….which our group won’t. Once we get the factory built we will look into drug rehabilitation centers, schools and Children’s homes to name a few of our intended projects. All funds will go to directly to the community and not to those who own the land, or buildings that house them, as it happens now.

I want to end my life with meaningful intentions. I want to bring good, non-self interest changes to our community and provide healing, safe resources and jobs to an impoverished wasteland. I want to utilize the senior wisdom and resources we tend to ignore. Resources that can help bring about these changes and make elder care a resource rather than an inconvenience. There are so many untapped resources, if one can only turn on the light to the packs of jackals that inhibit the changes. I’ll keep working, you keep sending love, light and prayers our way and together we will end with a meaningful life. Call me “Mary Poppins” if you must but I believe! Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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