Diva Musing: What if?

What If?

What if we started to do one thing a day to help someone in need around us. What if we sat and listened to one person with focused intention, what if we visited strangers in the hospital or nursing home. What if we sat in the courtyard of a community square, on a blanket and invited strangers to join us for a picnic? What if we baked cookies and took them to children at a homeless shelter?

My point is, every community has some group or organization in need. We as individuals can play explorers; find those people and places and do one thing every day to make a difference in lives. To do that we have to step outside ourselves and tune into our world.

What if each person on the planet made it their goal every day to uplift someone in some way. WOW! The planet would rock with good vibrations. Even the plants and animals would benefit from that change in vibration.

If our focus was on making others have hope then our own vibration would step up a notch or ten. As long as we continue to focus on acquiring wealth, power and stuff, it cannot happen. I’m all for anyone who has worked to get prosperous; as long as it is not at others expense. I take great joy at most people’s success. I take joy in yours. What if we truly could make a difference? We can! One person at a time. Why not start today? Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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