Diva Musing: A Whole New Gratitude….

A whole new gratitude….

Recently I was literally on death’s door. All of my medical practitioners show jaw dropping shock when they see me. On Friday August 3, 2018 I was literally a dead woman walking. I was air lifted to ICU in Tennessee and here, a week and a half later, I write to you with a new gratitude and love not before known. From the first second I got a look on my doctors face in the ER, I knew that it was bad, I decided to make it a new adventure. The knowing I might blink and be in Foreverland in the next second… made me the only one in the ER room at total peace. I also had my hilarious baby brother, Bill, there cracking jokes and reminding me the devil has a restraining order on me in hell. I laughed so hard my monitors kept showing red flashing tachycardia noises.

My wonderful life flight paramedics were hilarious and readily agreed they were taking me to area 51 to have the two aliens in my chest extracted by  governments agencies to study. Two days in ICU, two days for observation and I’m back better than ever. Went to the office to work the same day. But I do have some Cronista advice for each of you in crisis situations.

Fill your heart with joy; always, let there be joy in each moment. Feel the joy when you are up, and feel the joy when you are down; feel the joy when the going is calm and when the times are challenging. The universe is always there bringing you that peace, if you but seek it. When you have spit in death’s eye, by the grace of the source power as I have, you feel a whole new gratitude and attitude.

Continue to be the joyful source of the uplifting, light spirit that you are… and never ever give up. Honest, sincere, joy is contagious and a light to our souls. If I keep surviving… more to come. If I blink and am gone….I’ll see you in Foreverland, my juicy diva lights! Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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