Diva Musing: I’ll Tell You A Story….

I’ll tell you a story…..
In light of my recent new level of gratitude, I must post about two amazing young women I know.
Both are modern young ladies who are gloriously wild and original. They live on their own terms and to their own standards. Both of these young women refuse to please or appease the people around them, I man those who are revealed as hypocrites and sycophants by contrast to them. These two young ladies are so authentic and irrepressibly passionate. They are the “go big or go home girls” of their generation. The people who may think ill of them or scorn their individuality and bravery are mean spirited, obsessed with all the superficial appearances that accompany so much of Hollywood these days. You may know them or be one of them….those oblivious to the true beauty of what’s in front of them.
These young divas are in constant battle with the “Kartrashians” of the world. This is a fact of life, because there’s really no way that allows them to remain true and good, aside from ignoring that part of life. The girls both excel because there are some good people around them, not just the mean teens who are ill-spirited hell hounds. The good people help shelter their light worker hearts, and enables them to build on that. They are brilliant and lucky to have so many good people love them and want the best for them. They both observe, I’m sure, that so many young women their age ultimately perish in the toxic societal cesspool in which they must dwell.
I think my heroines in this story are much like their ancestors of theelfin princess” genre of ancient lore. They’re too good for this mortal realm. Both are too pure of soul for the impure adulterations of those around them. Often in tales such as this, these heroine princesses all too often, cannot possibly have an outcome in which they might get to live happily ever after. Young women who are inherently good but betrayed by all the social chaos in their lives. Beware, the women of whom I speak, will not be undone. They are among the most glorious threads that make up the rich tapestry of our lives. They are NOT background; they are the threads that bind the whole tapestry into a brilliant story.
The true brilliance of these young women will always shine through, they will never take a back pew to the self righteous pretext of people who consider themselves better than they. This is a true story. Not a story of beautiful wild women who could be…but are! It is a story of the Joan of Arcs, the Queen Elizabeth’s, Amelia Earhart, Jane Eyre, Rosa Parks, Hermione Granger, Scarlett O’Hara….women both real and fictitious who have molded our modern tapestry, and make it so much more beautiful.
These days society has strayed away from the true elegant ‘wild women’ to a much more nip and tucked version of less than the real thing. I think we truly need stories in which “wild women” are allowed to be exactly who and what they are in the world. Women who are allowed to be true to themselves and their world. We need to celebrate these women. Make sure they are not melted into society as drones, but who are celebrated for being just what they are….”The Guilded Threads” in The Tapestry of our Universe! I salute you Sammie and Em, my elfin princesses. You are real and you are our future.

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