Diva Rambling: Wild Women 2 & Wild “Gentle”Men….

Wild Women 2 & Wild Men

The other day I posted about two of my favorite young divas making the world a better place. We also need the room for those juicy women who are actually wild and nonconforming. I know from firsthand experience how much judgment and prejudice there in in the world for women who don’t behave in just the right way. Heck my own family disowns me half the time. But I am relentless at being what the Good Lord made me. He doesn’t make mistakes. The Universe has a plan for each of us, and rebelling against it just gets us a cosmic stoning from the Karma Cops.

I also, salute the few remaining Wild “Gentle”men. Those of the rare breed who still have manners (thank you moms), feel secure around Wild Women (actually love them most) and who are strong men who can love their wives and families and scoff in silence at the insecure men who do not know life’s true gifts and graces. These men are my heroes.

At the end of each day I meditate and pray and offer my unyielding gratitude for my daily miracle and my heroes that day. My son has always been my number one hero even over my father and my brother Bill. But I always find a miracle and an additional hero if I look. This week they were in the form of people who stepped up to the plate and helped me with things I could not physically do this week. Who checked on me to make sure I was OK and who tell me they love me just by being present in some quality way no matter what.

I encourage each of us to look everyday at the miracles and heroes that passed us on our journey today. Give gratitude to the Universe for sending them our way. Feel the blessings of knowing that person if only fleeting. Let those feelings wash over your soul and feel the vibration of our Universe improve because you did.  Namaste, The Queen Cronista.

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