Diva Musing: Be One of These, My Divas & Princes…

Be One of These, My Divas & Princes…

As the sun sets on each day and we reflect as we should on our blessings, ask yourself if you met one of these OR were one of these to your world:

A Person Who Brought…

  • Light to the Darkness of the Day
  • Sunshine into a building suffering from stagnant Karma
  • Smiles to those who had not yet smiled that today
  • New Hope to humanity by showing your love and hope for it
  • Renewed enthusiasm to someone whose soul was suffering
  • Focused attention to someone in need of it
  • Quality time to someone in need of it
  • Performed tasks for loved ones; not out of duty (for Karma Points) but out of true love
  • Helped an elderly or infirm person because no one else is there to help them
  • Send love to someone far away because no one is there to do it
  • Pray for something for someone else because you know how the magic works
  • Give away things that no longer suit your life so that others may find them and make it suit their lives

I am not a person of material wealth but what I have I gladly give to others in need. We each have a treasure chest of gifts to give the world. We need to recognize them, honor them, and above all give them to the world… it is our duty to do so. My daughter is a comic. I tell her the God gave her a gift of humor. It is her duty to give it to the world. She does that with love and a flare like no other. What is in your treasure trove? Find it, and give it with the flare only you can give it.

Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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