Diva Musing: Relationship Stuff….

Relationship Stuff…

Everyone who knows a drama queen/(prince) raise your hand! I dare say most of us are sitting around the globe with our hands raised…if we are honest. As a wise old crones we have the distinction to have been around he block many times. Our roller coaster has been rolling a long time. The valleys…The Dark Night of the Soul… and the peaks… Love, Light and Abundance…have been in and our of our lives too many times to count.

Let me assure you though, The Dark Night of the Soul comes shortly after I slip into forgetting my gratitude journal or daily meditation and prayer time. I know it is all up to me in the end.

So, may I encourage you to take the time the Universe need you to take to stay on track?

So often much of our ups and downs coincide with relationship issues. It seems the cogs of the relationship wheel breakdown more often that any other piece of life machinery. Good relationships have a much better appeal than ones that bring the drama and problems with them. The tapestries of our lives are woven by everyday heroism, support and giving of ourselves to others. The uplifting of souls on a daily basis tends to make the world glimmer so much more brilliantly.

Ask a light worker how they share their lives with others. Ask them what they do to intentionally make their time spent with others quality time. Ask them how they encourage others to laugh at life’s quirks and foibles to lessen the dark impact they could have. Do we actually listen to others or nod with our minds elsewhere? Do we really focus and hear? Do we do this often?

The data say that we actually have a better life if we join the world in a spirit of oneness. When we can honestly care about others successes and show them our joy for them….the world is a better place; for them and us. Realities of the time and space continuum mean there are only a few people we can totally interact with in real time. However, I personally, am blessed and delighted by the number of intelligent, awesome, and inspiring people I know.

Since life has thrown me some curve-balls of late, I must confess to brain fog of a new kind. So, I welcome all input from our Cronista readers to help us all with ways we can better serve our world with our light and love. Let’s help brighten our life tapestries with the genius of our readers and Divine Divas from around the globe. Tell us ….what’s your light? Namaste, The Queen Cronista


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