Diva Musing: Personal Best 2…cont’d

Seeking Excellence…Personal Best

Every days I try to seek to be my personal best! That means something different to each of us, for certain. I set the bar each day and try to exceed my goal. Since I am a type “A” personality I have to be sure not to suck the rest of the world into my afterburners as I seek those goals (not everyone is a crazy, type “A” personality like me.) I do try to set the standard for each individual to reach their own Personal Best their way, each day.

I always worked for Fortune 500 companies so when I’d interview with the VIP they always ask what my experience was for the job. I’d tell them…”…but there isn’t anything I can’t learn to do in 2 weeks except nuclear physics and medical research.” I didn’t mean this to be cocky, but to let them know I was willing to take on anything they had, and get it done. It became a challenge to many, and I fear I suffered at times because they hired me just to see if they could prove me wrong. It never happened. However, I was on peek performance continually and could have broken… but for the help of The Universe and my Guides.

Working all the time at peak performance can be hazardous to your health.  That is why so many big companies have a high rate of executive burnout.  Smart people (well for the most part) too ignorant to get the quiet time they need.  I’ve seen it over and over.  

Laughter is always the best medicine to any wise diva or crone.  Make sure you belly laugh at least a lot everyday.  The laughter thumps the hypothalamus and keeps it juicy.  A girl can’t swing without a juicy hypothalamus.  Research proves this, and the Universe approves this.  I cannot imagine taking all that baloney seriously.  You’d become a hot mess in no time.  

In short always strive for your personal best today; whatever that may be. Glow lots, laugh more and above all love, love, love all including yourself.  

Always strive to be your personal best, no matter what that is that day… and the Universe will see you through it. Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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