Diva Musing: Weeds in Your Garden…

Weeds in your Garden

I mention with passion and redundancy the FACT that “…form follows thought!”. Our mind is a garden of what ever we make it. If we focus on negative thoughts day in and day out then the weeds of negativity become thick and hard to extract.

If we plant our seeds with optimistic delight and water with a flow of positive energy our garden will never have to fear being overcome with the ghastly weeds that infect so many gardens. Look on the bright side, only see the beautiful blooms that are coming through your positive thought fertilization of your mind. Picture your table blessed with vases of blooms that you created through this discipline of thought.

Keep the negative people away from your auric field. They are the roots of the devil weed that can consume positive discipline. If all of this is just too “woo-woo” for you, then just remember your basic physics…”form follows thoughts”! What are you choosing to manifest in the world today? Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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