Diva Rambling:Planting Our Garden….

Planting Our Gardens…


Sometimes we forget that the mind is our garden and what we plant (with our thoughts,seeds) is what our garden produces. I repeatedly remind us that “form follows thought” … We need to remember always that each thought we have today will manifest in our very core and then in our reality world tomorrow.

If we live in more urban worlds, it is difficult to slow down and think the of the seeds we need to plant and grow. Dark thoughts produce darkness. Without light plants cannot grow there. Even in the more rural areas of the world drugs, violence, perversions and health have deteriorated. So where do we live to plant a good garden. We live in today! We focus on making the thoughts of today glorious and joyfully rich. Then we can grow a beautiful multiverse garden of earthly delights anywhere.

Where do the weeds come from in our life? If we think thoughts of fear (weed), pain (weed), lack of abundance (weed), self-doubt (weed), failure (weed), are you getting the picture yet? It’s all up to us. Do we invest our energy bank account (thoughts), in weed seeds, or a cornucopia of organic abundance seeds (good thoughts)? Getting the picture yet?

It is amazing how much of life is up to us. However, so many of us choose to cultivate weeds. Once we know we have a choice…weeds in the garden are all on us!! You can even weed your own garden if you accidentally drop a weed seed or two. Picture yourself pulling the weed from your garden. Pull it by focusing on the opposite good thought, to create the “right” plant in your garden. Are you getting the picture yet?

Rather than rambling on in a too pedantic fashion I’ll stop here. My intelligent diva brigade (that’s you by the way) get the picture. Others will have to practice weeding a bit more this week. I love you all and wish for you weedless gardens. Just remember, we can all pull weeds no matter who we are or where we are. It is a fact of the Universal Law! Namaste, The Queen Cronista….

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