Diva Rambling: Fall Harvest….

Fall Harvest…

So far we’ve talked about where to plant our gardens. Since the seeds are our thoughts, the focus on positive energy and thoughts, is our fertilizer, and pulling weeds keeps our garden clean and abundant, then we get to the harvest.

How do we get a proper harvest? Easy, you’ve done the work the Universe expected you to do in fulfillment of its perfect plan for you…all you have to do is sit back and watch the Universe itself provide the perfect flow of joy and abundance into your world. Are you getting the picture yet?

Can it be that simple. YES! The work itself is hard, and keeping focus even harder… for some of us. However, working in the flow of all that is available reaps the perfect rewards. It is that simple. Are you getting the picture yet?

Remember if you spend your time doubting the Universal Laws and trying to prove them wrong (form follows thought) then the genie of the lamp will give you just that… doubt and opposite rewards. You still get your reward!!! What rewards will you choose? Namaste, the Queen Cronista

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