Diva Rambling: Monitor Our Expectations…

Monitor Your Expectations…

We have been discussing growing the perfect garden of thoughts. What we also need to remember is to monitor our expectations. Most of us wake up each day with thoughts of where the day will go, what the day should look like, and how our expectations should manifest. In short we are swimming up stream against the rapids; When We should be going with the flow.

I had a meditation once where I was lying on my back in a large river of rapids culminating at a giant waterfall. Instead of fear and anticipation of the bad outcome at the bottom of the falls, I placed myself in the hand of God and that boat carried me down the river, lowered me gently to the bottom of the falls and on into calm water. What a sense of peace I had when I came out of that meditation.

Had I immediately tried to reason myself in control, flailing to get to the side, out of the natural flow of the stream, I would have ended up a hot mess. Always choose to “go with the flow”…as they say. We will all wake up many mornings in a state of “expectation”. Some with manifesting that luxury car, a huge mcmansion, winning the lotto, or a dream vacation. We focus on things which clutter the mind and grow the weeds of discontent. We live in the state of expectation and try to live and act to do whatever to “GET WHAT WE WANT”!

If we fail to weed the garden of expectation we end up with failure. Many a garden has been overgrown by needless expectation. When we step away from trusting the Universe to provide all provision it wants us to have, we contaminate our garden with weeds of discontent. Not the world, not the Universe, not God, not other humans… its all on us!

We keep talking about focusing on the right things so that the genie in the bottle gives us the perfect outcome all the time. When you live in a state of wanting and expectation, the genie in the bottle grants the wishes of your thoughts all the time. You get want and endless expectations.

How can we better honor the flow of the stream of thoughts? How do we practice NOT giving in to the thoughts that keep us swimming ceaselessly upstream? There are numerous ways as we’ve discussed in the past. However, lets keep it simple and practice focusing on these three.

1. Wait for the Universe/God. Let the perfect plan for our lives manifest in its own time; not ours.

2. Trust the Universe/God. Know, that at all times, there is a perfect plan for us and the all knowing Universe/One Source has set it into motion at birth.

3. One expectation only…that we live each day in the “Universal Flow” of our perfect stream. Know that when we hold fast to this thought the Universe will reward us according to our perfect plan.

If we can do these three things daily we will not join the world of chaos that dwells in discontent, discouragement, and failure. We will trust the Universal Plan knowing that all perfect expectations will manifest in our life. With belief and practice we can make it so.

Namaste, The Queen Cronista..

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